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The Environment and Amgen Cymru

As a modern waste management company we are very much aware of the environmental issues facing future generations, especially when it comes to solid waste disposal. This page contains useful facts and figures about the waste we all produce and how this can be minimised.

The Environment and Amgen Cymru

Environmental Facts about Waste

In a lifetime, the average person will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in rubbish. This means that each adult will leave a legacy of 40,000 kg of waste for their children.

Recycling all of your home's waste newsprint, cardboard, glass, and metal can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350 kg a year.

Enough energy is saved by recycling one aluminium can to run a TV set for three hours or to light one 100 watt bulb for 20 hours.

Five recycled plastic bottles make enough fibrefill to stuff a ski jacket.

Every year the UK produces 38 million tonnes of household, school and office waste, 78% of which is landfilled, 9% incinerated and about 13% recycled.

Every year we need a forest the size of Wales to provide all the paper we use in Britain.

The volume of waste produced in the UK every 12 hours could fill the Millennium Stadium.

The Landfill Directive

The Landfill Directive is a piece of European Legislation that governs the future use of landfill as a means of disposal. By setting quite stringent targets for reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, the Directive aims to achieve the following:

By 2010 to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste landfilled to 75% of that produced in 1995.
By 2013 to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste landfilled to 50% of that produced in 1995.
By 2020 to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste landfilled to 35% of that produced in 1995.

Environmental Management

As a waste management company, Amgen Cymru is focused on the protection of the environment through effective pollution control and environmental monitoring.

The company operates its waste management facilities under relevant permits and environmental protection regulations. Through the implementation of these regulations, a series of environmental control measures are provided by the company in order to protect the local environment from the potential risk of pollution by waste substances.

A good example of this, are the potentially malodorous emissions generated within the landfill. These are controlled through the construction of a low permeability capping system over the surface of the completed landfill which is further supplemented with a series of landfill gas extractions wells to manage gas collection. This gas is then processed on-site using a high-temperature flare and power generating units.

The company carries out frequent environmental monitoring to ensure that the environmental management systems are working effectively. The results from these activities are forwarded to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and used to assess any potential impact on the environment.


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