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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the Environmental Body do?
A. The function of the Environmental Body is to assess submitted applications in terms of meeting the criteria laid down by ENTRUST

Q. How do I find out if my project qualifies for funding?
A. By forwarding details of the project to the Company Secretary.

Q. What Area is eligible for funding?
A. 10 Miles as the crow flies from Bryn Pica Landfill site, Aberdare.

Q. Where does the money come from?
A. The Environmental Body receives its income from Cynon Valley Waste Disposal Co Ltd who are a Landfill Site operator and are required to charge Landfill tax for the disposal of waste on their site.

Q. Does the Environmental Body make a profit.?
The Environmental Body is a “not for profit” organisation whose activities are regulated by ENTRUST. All monies received are used for the supporting community based projects.

Q. How do I get an information pack?
A. By applying for one to the Company Secretary

Q. Who are ENTRUST?
A. ENTRUST are a Government Regulated Body who control and lay down the criteria for project funding. For further information visit

Q. Is there a Limit on project funding?
A. The monies received through landfill tax is limited and thus the size of financial support is dependent on projects that already receive or are awaiting ENTRUST registration.

Q. Who pays the invoices?
A. Amgen Environmental Body Ltd control all the finances and payments to contractors. This is carried out on receipt of invoices, furthermore no up-front funds are paid at the start of the project.

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