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Education - Local Visits to Amgen Cymru

In partnership with Rhondda Cynon Taf Waste Services we are actively seeking schools to participate in our site school visits. During the visit the children and staff are introduced to concepts of waste reduction and recycling. They also get the opportunity to see these in practice.

Visitor Centre
In the visitor centre you will be given a presentation on the importance of recycling and how we deal with waste, you will be shown a live camera feed of the MRF line in operation.

Local School Visits

There will be a video presentation on one of the following: Glass recycling, battery and or cans recycling and also the video by Tonyrefail Comprehensive School “Oceans of Waste”. Recently the education centre has been updated with an interactive whiteboard which helps encourage everyone to get involved. Amgen Cymru has recently made a green house of 1,500 re-used plastic bottles showing children the reuse of an item.

Education - School Visits to Amgen Cymru

Landfill Safari
The landfill safari consists of a trip to the landfill site where you are shown first hand what happens to your waste that is not recycled. Whilst on the landfill safari you will be shown how your refuse is disposed of and how we extract the landfill gas and turn it into electricity.

Education - School Visits to Amgen Cymru

Mini MRF
We have recently installed a mini MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) in our activity centre so the children who visit can gain a first hand experience what it is like to sort out recycling (similar to that of our staff working on an actual MRF). This will show how important it is to ensure that everybody recycles in the correct way and the children will take the important message home.

Education - School Visits to Amgen Cymru

Rhys Street and Litter Lane:
When you arrive at the visitor centre you will walk into Rhys Street (named after the authority’s recycling mascot Rhys Cycle). Take note on what you see as there is a very popular quiz that you can participate in using the state of the art technology.

Rhys Street and Litter Lane

When Visiting:
Please ensure that you wear old clothes and appropriate footwear, as there may be muddy conditions.

NB When booking a visit please provide a contact name and number. During adverse conditions we may have to cancel but will do our best to rebook at the most convenient date to all concerned.



Useful Information Sheets

Activity Sheet
Word search & questions
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What Happens to Your Recycling?
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Recycling Safari Leaflet
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