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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have some asbestos sheets to dispose of from my home, can I take it to one of your sites?
A. Please contact the site attendant at Ty Amgen Community Recycling Centre on 07971 913289 for advice and to arrange disposal.

Q. I need to dispose of some furniture but it seems to good to throw out, is there an alternative?
A. The items can be collected by ''Too Good To Waste'', a local charity who will arrange for the furniture to be reused. Telephone: 01443 733600.

Q. Will somebody help me unload the waste from my car?
A. Yes, there is always a member of staff on hand to help you unload your waste. They will also direct you to the correct skip for the material you have.

Q. Which household recycling facility is nearest to me?
A. Amgen Cymru has 7 Community Recycling Centres throughout Rhondda Cynon Taf. For more details see our recycling page.

Q. Who is responsible for the rubbish collected from outside my home?
A. If you live in Rhondda Cynon Taf, your local council picks up your waste. To ask them a question about what is collected from households, go to our links section or call 01443 425001.

Q. What are the opening times of the facilities?
A. Opening times can be found on our recycling page.

Q. What sort of waste can I take to the sites?
A. A table of materials accepted is shown on our recycling page.

Q. Is there a charge for disposing of waste?
A. There is no charge for disposing of waste, as long as it is from your household.


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