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Free Waste Audits

Waste has become an increasingly difficult environmental and economic problem, one which affects us all and to which we all contribute. Individuals, at home or at work, have a vital role to play in schemes to reduce waste.

All businesses have a legal duty to provide appropriate arrangements for the disposal of their waste. There is usually a charge for commercial waste collection, so by reducing the quantity of waste required for collection, companies can reduce the cost of waste disposal.

Free Waste Audits

Amgen Cymru can help your organisation to save money by reviewing your current waste generating activities. If you are looking of ways to cut your waste bills, Amgen Cymru has the skills and experience to help you and offer a one stop shop for all your recycling and disposal needs. No two businesses are the same and in order to understand your individual circumstances, we are happy to offer you a no obligation waste audit. This means that we can help you find cost effective solutions whatever the nature of your business and the amount of waste you generate.

What We Will Do For You.

The basic role of a waste audit is to identify the what, where and how of waste generation. it should include both the nature and amount of waste, and its cost to the company. As well as providing a bench mark by which to measure the success of waste minimisation procedures, it will identify opportunities for implementing such procedures.

A waste audit should:

  • Identify all points at which waste is generated
  • Identify the origin of each type of waste
  • Monitor the waste to identify its quantity and type, and its environmental effects
  • Establish methods of measuring the waste for monitoring purposes
  • Identify the costs of the current disposal methods, including treatment, handling, storage and transport. Identify any wastes which are hazardous and consider how they can be separated from the main waste stream, and advise on disposal.
  • Look at opportunities to reduce, recycle or re-use the waste

Free Waste Audits

To give us the opportunity to assess your specific requirements and make recommendations that will work for you, please contact Mr Mathew Llewellyn on 01685 372919 or alternatively apply online at

We are now the Rhondda Cynon Taf councils preferred waste contractor.


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